The Colorado Association of Regional Organizations (CARO) was organized in 2008 by Colorado's 14 planning and management regions. This statewide association assists the regional organizations in buidling their capabilities to serve their local government members, provide a forum for the regular exchange of information and ideas, educate other governmental entities, public and private organizations, the general public about the services and functions of regional organizations, and represents regional organizations before both state, federal agencies, and legislative bodies. 

Councils of Government (COG) and economic development districs are voluntary associations of local governments formed under Colorado law. Councils of government serve as a forum for local governments to identify regional issues and opportunities, develop strategies, and provide a more consolidated system to provide oversight of various regional programs. Regional services offered by councils of governments and economic development districts are varied. Services are undertaken in cooperation with member governments, the private sector, and state and federal partners. 

Map of Regional Planning and Management Regions

CARO Members

Each member listed is the Executive Director of their organization.

Region 1 NECALG www.necalg.com Kenneth Mooney
Region 2 UCED www.upstatecolorado.org Rich Werner
Region 3 DRCOG www.drcog.com Douglas Rex
Region 4 PPACG www.ppacg.org Andrew Gunning
Region 5 ECCOG www.eccog.com Candace Payne
Region 6 SECED SECED www.seced.com Stephanie Gonzales
Region 6, 7, 13, & 14 SCEDD www.scedd.com  Leslie Mastroianni
Region 7 PACOG www.pacog.net Carmen Howards
Region 8 SLVDRG www.slvdrg.org Sarah Stoeber
Region 9 EDD & SWCCOG Region 9 & SWCCOG www.region9edd.org Laura Lewis Marchino
Region 10 Region 10 www.region10.net Michelle Haynes
Region 11 AGNC www.agnc.org Tiffany Pehl
Region 12 NWCCOG www.nwccog.org Jon Stavney
Region 13 UAACOG www.uaacog.com Heather Evans
Region14 SCCOG www.sccog.net Jennifer Oliver